Video 55 - Lanny Barbie and Tiffany - B44 - XVideos - HiSlut - Engage in Some Lesbian Action

I have a nagging suspicion that I’ve posted Lanny Barbie before but after searching through my back files, I didn’t find her…maybe she’s the poster girl for something or her photos have been used a lot in those crazy emails we get, you know…the ones where they say stuff like “Hi, stranger…I’m back in town…” or “I’ve opened my naughty pics for you”…spam emails that you seem to get once you sign up for any type of adult content…I do hate that but I also understand they are just trying to promote their sites and such, but do people really fall for those emails? They must or they wouldn’t keep doing them, I guess…anyway, I tried to name the other girl in this scene but since I was just given Tiffany, I couldn’t find anything on her and I couldn’t find any pics from this vid either…but you’re going to want to see the middle of this scene, where these two craftily and skillfully use a strapless dildo while Miss Barbie, a much thicker and bigger girl, rides the junk out of the skinny and petite Tiffany while she keeps the dildo stationed right on her clit…such talent! Tiffany’s pussy has to be on fire from the bouncing up and down, but pleasurable fire, I’m sure…and of course Miss Barbie cools her throbbing clit off with her tongue afterwards…this video made me so wet…I love having a dildo rub against my clit while I’m inside a girl…Mmmmm….

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