Video 1 - Sexy Cora (Caroline Berger) - FapDu - Hot Blonde Fucked Dentist

Okay, I’m not sure if posting this hot and beautiful girl--Sexy Cora--will get me any flak or not, because she has passed away caused by complication arising from a breast augmentation surgery she had…I don’t know when she passed away, but most of her pics are gone from the net and only the first one of her in the dentist chair is from this video but she’s just amazing…fake breasts or not…what a beautiful face! And the scene is sort of hot…the dentist puts her under and then has his way with her…I wonder if this happens with my dentist? I mean, there’s a female hygienist in the room too usually, but we all know that girls like girls too…well, some of us! :)

But see, the way I feel about posting this is that when an artist dies we don’t burn his/her paintings or sculptures or hide them away, we celebrate them…same goes with writers, Shakespeare and Poe have been dead for YEARS and we still honor them every day by studying them in our schools…so why should it be any different with adult stars? Their movies and pics are their art, their voice to the world…so I figured I’d honor her…if you feel differently, I completely understand and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the subject…I’m still debating with it myself!

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